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Firehouse Subs Coupons Lets You Enjoy Delectable Dishes And Save Money

Next time you drop in to the Firehouse Subs restaurants for delectable steamed subs, you might as well take the coupons along with you for getting your meal at reduced rates. The fast growing restaurant chain spread over 370 locations across the Southeast and other states always find ways to give their customers complete satisfaction with their delicacies and service. Introducing the Firehouse Subs Coupons is just one of the ways through which the restaurant pleases its loyalists and attracts more new customers. The food chain is known for offering best quality food and it further seeks to become a favorite with a large number of epicureans by effectively promoting discount codes over the Internet.

The US-based, fast casual restaurant chain specializing in hot subs leverages the power of the Internet to popularize their deals in order to increase their business volumes by reaching out to millions of customers worldwide. Diners are unlikely to have any trouble getting the vouchers as there are a number of websites that provide discount codes and money-saving deals on meals at this popular restaurant chain. Food tickets come in different varieties and in multitude of sites. Some of the sites promote food slips that can be printed out straight from their website such as promo code, restaurant codes and grocery.

Apart from the printable coupons, customers can avail the benefit of promotional and special deals on meals at this casual dining restaurant by using the codes. Vouchers let diners enjoy a good meal at the eating place at affordable prices. Hence, people looking to save good deal of money can take advantage of the codes. Customers are recommended to check out the coupons in the numerous business branches of the restaurant in their local area.

Customers can also sign up on their official website and receive newsletters and special updates about the exciting deals on the delicacies. Check out the promotional offers section to see the latest offers and to find ways to save money on dining at the popular eatery. Customers can also sign up for the free birthday club to receive coupons to their mailbox for a free of cost sub on their birthday. Additional coupon offers from the famous dining spot can also be availed by becoming a friend of the popular restaurant on the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Coupon specials can also be looked for in local markets through the coupon mailings such as Valpack distributors.

Offline sources such as newspapers and magazines publish the coupon codes and discount offers on tempting dishes served at the Firehouse Subs. Along side browsing the Internet for special vouchers, one can also look for money-saving deals and cut-outs in the local journals. Printable vouchers are offered on a wide variety of dishes such as chips, meats, vegetables, sandwiches and toasted sub rolls. With these coupons, customers are offered multitude of benefits. Deals allow diners to enjoy the irresistible dishes and sauces at discounted rates. Moreover, there is no hassle involved in getting the Firehouse Subs coupons as they are easily available through various online and offline sources.

Firehouse Subs Coupons March 2012

Firehouse subs are in the business of igniting your taste buds and make you addicted to good food. Food not baked but steamed to maintain the original flavor of the food, a specialty of Firehouse subs, which you will find no where else. Firehouse subs is a chain of restaurants founded by fire fighters, who decided to serve you hot, delicious food not only to satisfy your appetite but also to provide you a relishing experience at a family restaurant. We are unique in many ways and we believe in experimenting to new ideas and feedbacks received from our valued patrons, visiting our food hubs. Let me take you on a journey to one of the Firehouse hubs restaurants.

Elegant and cozy interiors

As you step in the restaurants, you are greeted with our courteous staff with a real smile, not a forcefully pasted one. Your walk towards your table is welcomed, with a feast for eyes, color combination. A perfect combination of warm and cold colors making you excited for our voluptuous menu having something for everyone, yet with soothing feeling, making you relax. As you are settled down in our very comfortable chairs, our professional staff serves you with our menu. A greet music and lights gives you a wonderful experience but the real treat is yet to begin.

Delicious Firehouse specials

Food prepared by professional staff not only serves to your taste buds but also takes care of your health. Our menu includes hundreds of varieties of sandwiches , burgers, salads and more than sixty variants of beverages to choose with, Engineer, Fire house hero, Italian are the name of our few specialties making you wonder as what exactly they are. This discovery can be made only when you visit your nearby firehouse restaurant. All these food and lot more is prepared in such away as to keep the natural taste and aroma of ingredients alive.

Sensational Offers

We are here to celebrate your birthday with lot of fanfare .Special party packages are on offering to choose the best offer for your need and pocket. To top of it, we have firehouse subs coupons march 2012 discount coupons, which offer some good discounts, and you get free drinks on those coupons .A party time is on the way for you. Enjoy your weekends with us or simply enjoy a wonderful eating treat at any weekdays with us.

Social responsibilities

A non-profitable organization is created by us to help and appreciate our local unsung heroes .You can also save some one life by buying, a bucket of pickles as the earnings achieved from the sale goes 100% to this organization.

All our efforts have been appreciated by many organizations by declaring us the best food chains but our real appreciation comes when our guest comes again and enters our premises with friendly smile. The most of rewarding experience for our entire team is a satisfied big smile on your face. You can call us for your orders, or book your orders online.

Firehouse Subs – Business With A Purpose

Some people think that fire fighters are only good at putting out fires and rescuing trapped people from burning building. As the name suggests, the very first firehouse subs was founded by former firefighters Robin Sorensen and his brother Chris Sorensen in 1994 in Florida. These two brothers proved that anyone can be good at anything if they put their mind to it. You do not have to be a top chef to open up a food store.

Yummy sub
Firehouse subs is a franchise business based in the United States that specializes in sandwiches made from long Italian bread with different fillings such as a variety of meat (turkey, beef) vegetable, cheese and sauce. Since it first came into business, it has opened a number of locations in the Unites States (a total of 390 locations in 2010). Apart from the fact that the fillings of the subs are hot, the bread is always fresh and the sub is even toasted! Imagine devouring a 12- inch sub that is not only delicious but also fulfilling. The taste of delicious meat blends with the hot sauce as you bite into the sub. For a moment, you are convinced that you have never tasted anything that good. Not even that yummy toast that your mother prepares for breakfast can beat this sub.

Firehouse subs uses cool fire fighting themes in their logo, which is always red and yellow. There are fire fighting equipment hanging from the walls like pictures of local fire fighters and fire fighting history. What better way to honour fire fighters than place a nice picture of men in red or yellow uniforms. When you look at that picture and they are smiling down on you, you that they will always save lives. These themes and thoughtful decorations attract more clientele. These exciting fire fighting pictures and decorations offer an excellent distraction as you wait on your sub.

Convenient services
It is often nice to walk into a food store that offers a variety of services so that when you are hungry, you do not have to walk from one shop to the other looking for all the food you need. To enhance its convenience, firehouse subs have placed Coca Cola dispensers in all their stores. The fact that it is a touch screen is even more exciting. You press the screen to select from a mixture of flavours and voila! Your coke is ready. How the firehouse subs work is that you only have to place your order and wait for a few minutes as they prepare your sub.

It is also convenient in the sense that you can call in with an order or order a sub online.

It is quite a noble gesture that firehouse subs raises money for fire fighters through their franchises. Sometimes, fire fighters are not appreciated enough even though they risk their lives to save people. Therefore, raising money for them is a big move on the part of firehouse subs. By starting a foundation, members of the public also get to contribute and support the fire fighting community.

Firehouse Subs Application Information

firehouse subs application

Firehouse Subs is a sandwich shop providing fast food while honoring a 200 year firefighting legacy. The concept was started in 1994 by brothers, and former firemen Chris and Robin Sorensen. The menu focuses primarily on hot sandwiches filled with a variety of cheeses and meats. They are continually searching to add entry-level and professional associates to their team. Hardworking, motivated, and reliable candidates are always welcome to apply. A Firehouse Subs application can be printed online and submitted to a Firehouse Sub sandwich shop once filled out. Applicants must be 16 years of age for hiring consideration.

Newly added entry-level hires typically become part of the restaurant crew. Crew members are assigned duties which include greeting arrivals, taking orders, preparing food, cleaning, running register, and other tasks as assigned. Management additions oversee daily store and shift operations. They perform scheduling of staff members, hire new employees, banking duties, communicate with corporate office, and additional duties as assigned. Employees may be eligible to receive such benefits as healthcare, paid vacation, retirement plans, and much more. Positions available with Firehouse Subs include Crew Member, Shift Leader, Prep Cook, Assistant Manager, Area Representative, General Manager, and Franchisee.

Applicants will need to provide name, address, and a telephone number. The application requests both home and cell phone number if one is available. Applicants are required to submit a social security number and driver's license number. There is a place to fill out the position for which the applicant is applying, and employment type desired. The options being full-time, part-time, or temporary. It is also requested that the date available to begin work is disclosed, and the days and hours of availability are given. Applicants may choose from the hours of operation. The hours of operation are Monday thru Saturday from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm. On Sundays, the sandwich shop operates from the hours of 10:30 am to 9:00 pm.

Educational background and employment history are required. There are additional questions regarding computer experience, military experience, and if the applicant has ever worked for Firehouse Subs in the past. Applications should be filled out completely being as thorough as possible. Use neat penmanship to ensure the application is legible.

firehouse subs application

Applications are available to interested candidates online. Simply print out the application provided and fill with the information requested. Once complete, submit the application to the sandwich shop of your choice to be considered for a position today.

Firehouse Subs Nutrition: Understand The Health Of Each Customer

firehouse subs nutrition

Firehouse Subs nutrition is one obvious reason why the said fastfood chain has made its franchise increase up to 400 restaurants located in different states of the country. This food shop is not the same to other sandwich restaurants based on how they prepare their meals. In Firehouse Subs, they steam the meat and cheese before piling up and enhancing the taste of the sandwich. The sandwiches they serve are always overstuffed and they guarantee a friendly service.

The customer is given the option to buy a large or medium sized sandwich. The highest consumption of calories that a customer can get with their meal is the Beef Basket with mayonnaise and cheese on a white roll, which is 1,500 calories. A person who does not want to consume this amount of calories can trim down to 580 calories by choosing the smaller version and request the exclusion of mayonnaise and sandwich to the food. Those who want to taste delicious sandwiches from Firehouse Subs but are conscious with their calorie intake can just order their medium sized meals and request the order to be free from mayonnaise and cheese.

The large sized Beef Brisket has 101 grams of fat, 101 grams of carbohydrates, saturated fats with an amount of 33 grams and 54 grams of protein. The high intake of saturated fat increases the level of blood cholesterol and threat to the heart. Firehouse acknowledges that a person should limit the intake of this type of fat to not higher than 7% of overall calories. This means that there should be 15.5 grams on a calorie diet of 2,000. The sandwich in medium size can be a better choice for the health since it has 5 grams of overall fat, saturated fat with an amount of 1 gram, 31 grams of protein and 58 grams of carbohydrates.

firehouse subs nutrition

Firehouse Subs nutrition understands that individuals can keep their heart healthy by limiting their sodium intake by consuming 2,000 of it in a day. On the other hand, Americans consume an estimated sodium amount of 3,400 mg per day. Most of the sandwiches served by Firehouse include high servings of sodium.

An example of this is their large sized Beef Brisket which has mayonnaise and cheese. This serving contains 2830 mg sodium amount. But Firehouse also has a menu with low amount of sodium. This is their medium veggie without mayonnaise and cheese. This food only has 1,140 mg sodium amount.

Information About Firehouse Subs

If you like Firehouse Subs, you probably want to save some money getting them for valid coupons.

Let Firehouse Subs Tallahassee Show You What A Sub Was Meant To Be

firehouse subs tallahassee

For anyone who’s looked around for a submarine sandwich or a hero sandwich that’s different than what’s currently offered at your local chain market, then you need to take a look at the newest variety of fresh made subs in Tallahassee. At firehouse subs Tallahassee you’ll see that the submarine sandwich has taken on a whole new meaning. It’s not just a sandwich anymore, but a meal inspired by the hungry sandwich seeker, for the hungry sandwich seeker.

It’s a novel idea developed by firefighters and not just for firefighters, but for anyone who’s hungry enough to eat like a firefighter. These guys know good food when they see it, so when the firefighters came together to build a submarine sandwich house, they collaborated on what makes a sub a sub and end result is a fantastic set of offerings that will make a fan out of anyone who walks through their doors. With ongoing charity events and collections, the crew here is one with a heart.

Check out the Hook & Ladder sub, which is a smoked turkey breast, Virginia honey ham and melted Monterey Jack served with what they call ‘Fully involved’ which means it comes loaded with mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion and a dill spear on the side. Not only does it stop there, but the bread alone is an award winning private recipe that’ll keep you coming back for more. Hot sandwiches and cold sandwiches await you, no matter what your hankering you’ll find a great tasting sub available at your nearest shop. With over 120 drinks available, you can pick and choose as you please and make yourself a truly memorable meal.

Founded by a couple of firefighters 17 years ago and with locations in 26 states now, you should have a location near you. If not, ask about franchising because it might be the thing for you like it was for the firefighters that started this whole thing. With a great leadership team and philosophy behind you, you’ll be in good hands knowing that the crew is right behind you every step of the way.

firehouse subs tallahassee

Get out and visit a Firehouse Subs Tallahassee today, located on 1426 W. Tennessee Street, 2580 N. Monroe Street, 3220 Apalachee Parkway, 1908-1 Capital Circle Northeast, 1420 Capital Circle Northwest, 3491-5 Thomasville Road or 6676 Thomasville Road. The staff is waiting for you and will know how to take care of you when you get in to visit.

Why The Bread In Firehouse Subs Is Important To Customers

bread in firehouse subs

Many food critics feel that Firehouse Subs has some of the most delicious sandwiches being offered today. There are many sub shops in existence, but they fail to deliver that outstanding taste that can always be found in any sandwich being served by this distinguished restaurant. The bread in Firehouse subs seems to give the sandwiches a distinguished taste. Customers enjoy sandwiches that are made with fresh bread.

All the entrees on the menu are made fresh each day. Unfortunately, other sub locations are serving consumers products that are at least one day old. This popular chain prides itself in being able to give their customers fresh items that are always up to standard. This is the main reason why so many people enjoy visiting their various locations daily. Let’s take a look at several reasons why this famous chain has a significant advantage of its competitors.

Exceptional Customer Service

One is always greeted warmly when he or she walks through the doors. All customers have the undivided attention of staff at all times. All customers are also treated with maximum respect. Staff at all locations is trained to be professional at all times. You will not find this type of customer service being offered at other sandwich shops.

Fresh Ingredients

Staff is very selective about the ingredients used in the stores. They are only interested in serving their customers with entrees that have the freshest ingredients. They understand the principle that lies behind offering a great line of delicious items that will leave a deep impression upon customers. This is great news for anyone who is tired of being served sandwiches that are made with aged ingredients.

High Quality Bread

The bread in Firehouse subs is always tasteful. Customers have an opportunity to select different types of bread for their subs.

Various Locations
This popular chain has over 440 locations across the country. Stores are strategically placed in different areas. This makes it convenient for customers to visit.

Incredible Menu

The menu is incredible. One can have a hot sub, hot specialty sub, or cold sub. One also has the option of selecting a side to go along with his or her sandwich. Hot soups and freshly made salads are also available.


Are you having a big social event at work or home? Firehouse has an excellent catering service. Food and drinks will be promptly delivered at your request.

bread in firehouse subs

Firehouse Subs is one of the most popular food chains around today. Many food critics give Firehouse four or five stars in their reports. One will not have any problems in receiving a delicious meal with every visit.

Eating On The Go: Try Eating Healthy Firehouse Subs

eating healthy firehouse subs

Firehouse subs has a great sandwich menu, from hot subs to cold subs. The menu includes sandwiches loaded with meats, like turkey, pastrami, beef brisket, Honey ham, tuna, chicken and roast beef. There’s also a veggie sub. The subs are served with tomato slices, lettuce, onion, dill pickle and provolone cheese. If you order the veggie sub you can get cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack or provolone. You can also add Italian dressing. All subs come with mustard and mayo.
Eating Firehouse sandwiches is an easy task. Pastrami only has 41 calories per slice and is carries 6.1 grams of protein. If the sandwich included tomato, it would also have around four slices of tomatoes which would equal 20 calories (c.)and 1.2 grams of dietary fiber. One medium dill pickle is packed with 2% of the daily recommended value of vitamin A, 3% of calcium and 1% of vitamin C and it only has 8 c. Red onions only carry 2 c. per slice. So add the onions until your heart’s content. One cup of shredded lettuce has a meager 8 c., but it also has 6% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A, 3% of vitamin C and 1% of calcium and iron. Add the white bread at 639 c. and one pastrami sandwich will add 708 c. before adding mayo and mustard.
Honey ham has only 60 c. in 4 slices and 9.1 grams of protein. If you use whole wheat sub bread instead of white your calorie intake would be 9 c. less. If you’re trying to lose weight, use only one slice of bread to cut c. down by 334 calories. Your sub will be just as tasty but less fattening. Overall Firehouse sandwiches are delicious and nutritious. You may need to cut back on the bread to reduce calories; otherwise the sub is a great compact meal.

eating healthy firehouse subs Five slices of roast beef equals 25 c. One 56 gram serving of beef brisket has 170 c. One serving of 100 grams of roast chicken has 109 calories. One serving of tuna has 110 calories. All these sandwiches are loaded with protein and other essential vitamins and nutrients. Eating at Firehouse Subs will sustain your health and build your body up. Choose your bread selections wisely and eat less bread if necessary. Provolone, cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses taste great but if you want to reduce calories eat less cheese and enjoy your eating healthy Firehouse subs.

A Close Look At The Fireshouse Subs Menu

firehouse subs menu

Firehouse Subs is one of the most popular sandwich franchises in existence today. This popular chain was founded by firemen who wanted to make a difference in the fast food industry. They had a vision of providing quality food items and professional customer service to consumers. Firehouse is well known for having a menu that is filled with nutritious and delicious items. Let's take a close look at The Firehouse Subs Menu.

Hot Specialty Subs

This incredible food chain offers some of the most tasteful hot sandwiches around today. Customers will always be given unique sandwiches that will leave a lasting impression. One can order a Meatball, New York Steamer, Club on a Sub, Steak and Cheese, Turkey Bacon Ranch, Engineer, Italian, and Hero. Some sandwich locations fail to deliver fresh hot sandwiches to their customers. All hot specialty subs are prepared when they are ordered at Firehouse.


It is rare to find a salad that has all the works. The Chief's salad is available for anyone who wants to indulge in a salad that has fantastic ingredients. Fresh iceberg lettuce, ripe tomatoes, crispy onions, cucumbers, and freshly sliced meat can be found in The Chief's Salad. The Chief's salad is one of the most popular items on the menu.

Cold Sandwiches

Firehouse is well known for their hot subs, but they also offer a delicious cold sandwich. The White Chicken Salad Sub is on the menu for those who are craving something that is different.

Hot Subs

Hot sandwiches tops the list when it comes to customer's favorites. Smoked Turkey Breast, Sliced Chicken Breast, Pastrami, High Quality Roast Beef, and Corned Beef Brisket Subs fall within this popular category.


Sides will always compliment every entree on the menu. You will find soups, freshly baked brownies, fantastic cookies, and a variety of chips. Sides come with combos or they can be purchased individually.

Kid's Combos

Firehouse recognizes that children make up a large part of their customer base. This is the primary reason why they have kids combos. Kid's combos are specifically designed to cater to the smaller taste of children.

firehouse subs menu

It will be challenging for anyone to find a menu that is currently being offered by this dynamic restaurant. The Firehouse Subs Menu is comprised of delicious entrees that are freshly made when ordered. This proud franchise believes in giving their customers the best at all times.

How To Find Firehouse Subs Locations

firehouse subs locations

When a person wants to go out and eat, it can be difficult to find the place to eat at. This is when an individual should know about where to look to find the different Firehouse subs locations. The issue is many people do not know about the different ways to find these and will stick with only one, but when this method is not working it can be impossible to locate the restaurant an individual wants to eat at. However, by looking on the Internet, the fliers the locations send out, and even the phone books it will be rather easy to locate the place closet to where you are.

The Internet is a great place to search for these types of locations and commonly the best way. However, with the frequent storms which have been hitting it can be difficult to guarantee a connection to the Internet. This is still the best way to find the proper connection to the Internet, but it will also be a great way for to get the directions at the same time.

Fliers which are sent out to people or businesses can be a great place to locate these as well. Normally people will not think about these at times, but it is a great way for them to find the location of the places close to where they are. Without this information it can be nearly impossible for the individual who is traveling knowing about the types of deals offered or even where the nearest location is.

Phone books while they may seem to be old fashioned to use, can be a great resource to use. However, a person will see this is a reliable way to get the phone numbers of all the restaurants in the region. Then the individual can call and place their order, but also get directions to where they are located.

firehouse subs locations

Getting to enjoy sitting down to a meal can be difficult to do at times. This is when a person may need to know about how to locate the Firehouse Subs locations to help them enjoy eating a meal out. Without knowing about these methods, it can be impossible to eat out and enjoy the meal because of not finding the place to eat at. Some of the ways to locate these restaurants will be searching on the Internet, checking out the local fliers which typically has the locations listed, and looking in the phone books for the region.